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Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly Plants. -- Michael Pollan

I wish I could take credit for that because I think it sums up how we should eat. Simply -- eat stuff that really is food, instead of stuff that is food like substance. The supermarket is almost entirely food-like-substances, and, my friends, you should probably never ever eat them.

Fortunately, there is a world of deliciousness out there, and it can all be had in a way that not only doesn't harm your health, but in a way that benefits you hugely.

I think it's important to eat stuff that satisfies you, that keeps your blood sugar stable, and that gives you stuff your body really needs to run optimally.

But baby, it's gotta taste good.

I really like getting experimental in the kitchen. I love cooking, I love layering flavours, and I love coming up with really super yummy food. I have very strong opinions about what constitutes food, and there are a lot of things I won't touch in the kitchen. Bottom line? Pretty much everything I make is ridiculously good for you even if it tastes decadent. Although there are occasional big fat cheats ... but even those stick to real food, my friends.

For food that is usual gluten free, usually free of cane sugar, usually super low on the glycemic index, full of protein, fiber, flavour, and excellent energy, join me and Alice down the rabbit hole.

Every recipe on this blog is my own original effort and idea, so please pass 'em on, giving credit where credit is due.

Many thanks, and come back often. I'm really glad you are here!


Friday, 22 April 2011

Leek and Vegetable broth for Matza Ball Soup

Broth by any other name is still soup, so don't sweat it. Soup's easy once you get the hang of it. The secret to soup is that there is lots of water, so you need to layer your flavours in there, and don't skimp on the salt. Don't over salt, but also don't under salt. Because under salted broth has a whole lot in common with warm dish-water ... Enough said.

A bunch of organic leeks beckoned to me, taunting me with how great they'd taste in a broth. I chose to believe them. The cool thing about leeks is how buttery the tender parts get when you saute them in coconut oil. And how flavourful the fibrous green parts are when you boil them in your broth. You just have to remember to remove them before serving.


2 cup celery, sliced
2 cup carrots, sliced
1 bunch of leeks, well washed (leeks can have a lot of dirt between the layers). Slice the 'whites' thinly, and leave the 'greens' in large pieces
4 tbsp coconut oil

4 tsp sea salt
black pepper

12 cups filtered water


1. put the leek greens in a large pot with 12 cups of boiling water
2. simmer the leek greens for at least 30 minutes
3. saute the celery, carrots, and leeks in the coconut oil with the sea salt until they are happy and sweaty
4. add the sauteed veggies and simmer for around 20 minutes
5. remove the leek greens
6. your broth is now ready!
7. before serving, reheat it with the matza balls in it.
8. put one matza ball in a bowl, ladel soup over it, and garnish generously and foolishly with copious amounts of parsley from your window garden

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